Correction In Application (Change Request)

1. After submission of registration application with Madhya Pradesh Medical Council and issue of registration certificate, application for modification of following personal information can be submitted:

i. For correction of an error in the spelling of applicant's name/surname
ii. For correction of an error in the spelling of mother and father's name
iii. For a change in a mobile number or email id
iv. For correction/change in address
v. For change of name/surname after the marriage of the female applicant
2.   The application will be made online through MP Online portal or through Public Service Centre / Kiosk.
3.   Procedure for applying through MP Online Portal Madhya Pradesh Medical Council ( regarding modification of personal information in registration application/registration:
i. The applicant has to submit the application through his/her user profile.
ii. The applicant will have to go to their user profile and click on Request for change in personal details and send their request to the council.
iii. On acceptance of the applicant's request from the council, a link will be sent on the registered email id of the applicant, and a security password will be sent on the registered mobile...............Read More[.....]