About Department

The Madhya Pradesh Medical Council, Bhopal is a statutory body constituted under Madhya Pradesh Ayurvigyan Parishad Adhiniyam, 1987, vide State Government Gazette notification no. F-1-95-ME/LV/Med-2 dated 29.3.1996 to regulate the allopathic medical profession in Madhya Pradesh. The Medical Council consists of different committees like the Disciplinary department, Ethical department, CME department, and Computerization department & Accounts department. Each of this Committee has its own functions and duties.

Before 1.4.1996 there were three regional medical council namely

I. Mahakoshal Medical Council (the provisions of the Central province & Berar Medical Registration Act, 1916 – Act no. 1 of 1916

II. The Madhya Bharat Medical Council (the provisions of Madhya Bharat Medical Practitioners Registration Act, 1954 – No. 16 of 1954

III. Bhopal Medical Council (Under the provisions of Medical Practitioner Registration Act 1935 – Act no. 7 of 1935) functioning on regional basis for Mahakoshal Area, Madhya Bharat Area and Bhopal State Area.




The functions of the Madhya Pradesh Medical Council are to provide the registration of all medical practitioners and to maintain a register of all medical practitioners, containing all the basic information like names, address, qualification of medical practitioner who possess any of the recognized medical qualifications, to reprimand a practitioner, or to suspend or remove him from the register, or to take such other disciplinary action against him as may, in the opinion of the Council, be necessary or expedient. Doctors who are registered with Medical Council have many rights and privileges, at the same time, these medical professionals have to follow the code of ethics & standards of good practice set up by the Medical Council for the treatment of patients.